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Definition of cheesy:

  1. Having the nature, qualities, taste, form, consistency, or appearance of cheese.


sordid, flash, schlock, tawdry, low-grade, garish, cheap, bum, inexpensive, meretricious, insane, cheapjack, base, gummy, tacky, brassy, el cheapo, over-the-top, chintzy, ticky-tacky, seedy, mediocre, bargain-basement, punk, low-rent, ridiculous, buttery, lazy, miserable, humourless, childish, flashy, junky, bad, sleazy, brittle, second-rate, terrible, styleless, schlocky, humorless, dowdy, cut-rate, trashy, tatty, chinchy, good, gamey, execrable, fruity, crappy, tasteless, poor, chocolatey, flowery, chalky, silly, unstylish, fishy, seamy, rubbishy, inferior, broadly, mad, floury, trumpery, paltry, common, lousy, unfashionable, tinny, inelegant, laughable, ludicrous, gaudy, broad, chocolate, loud, Mona Lisa, squalid, mirthless, wretched, gimcrack, rotten, crazy, crummy, shoddy, coarse, not in your right mind/not right in the head.

Usage examples: