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Definition of chimerical:

  1. Merely imaginary; fanciful; fantastic; wildly or vainly conceived; having, or capable of having, no existence except in thought; as, chimerical projects.


preposterous, fantastic, delusive, unrealistic, false, visionary, chimeric, incorrect, anomalous, irrational, fantastical, delusory, phantasmic, ill-advised, unreasonable, dreamlike, mistaken, monstrous, notional, ludicrous, imaginary, infatuated, senseless, wild, hallucinatory, paradoxical, chimeral, nonsensical, ill-judged, erroneous, phantasmagoric, real, illusive, ridiculous, absurd, foolish, fanciful, ill-considered, inconclusive, stupid, delusory, conceptual.

Usage examples: