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Definition of churn:

  1. A vessel in which milk or cream is stirred, beaten, or otherwise agitated ( as by a plunging or revolving dasher) in order to separate the oily globules from the other parts, and obtain butter.
  2. To perform the operation of churning.
  3. To shake or agitate with violence.
  4. To stir, beat, or agitate, as milk or cream in a churn, in order to make butter.


worry, bone, flutter, splash, someone's stomach churns/lurches/tightens, caldron, roil, rock, travail, billy, dig, deep fryer, dread, bake, toil, the, swim, whirl, wash, coffeepot, mix, paddle, cookie sheet, go down, someone's heart pounds/beats/thumps, calm, agonize, go under, smolder, blanch, butter, bubble, burn, stiffen, chill, submerge, simmer, butchery, inside, grind, carry, butcher, dunk, moil, settle, panic, labor, hardly dare (to) breathe, have a lot on your mind, repetition, labour, cake tin, rile, cake pan, drudge, have/get/feel butterflies (in your stomach), casserole, duck, fear, seethe, blend, upset yourself, boil, fret, sink, cauldron, the pit of your stomach, beat, butter churn, carve.

Usage examples: