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Definition of circumvent:

  1. To gain advantage over by arts, stratagem, or deception; to decieve; to delude; to get around.


mystify, dip, skirt, amaze, border, flurry, stupefy, hem in, dodge, vex, postpone, prorogue, environ, hedge, gravel, defer, vanquish, bilk, dumbfound, douse, hold over, overreach, dupe, outmanoeuvre, fudge, manipulate, pulsate, encompass, drum, scramble, fence in, bunk, misrepresent, beat, thump, wangle, falsify, beleaguer, deflect, fence, flap, evade, shelve, tease, encircle, wall, badger, exhaust, tucker, ticktack, outsmart, put-off, entrap, fake, burke, put over, bewilder, puzzle, hedge in, dishearten, bug, detour, outfox, wash up, sidestep, beat out, smother, get, shell, table, stick, turn off, crush, parry, confuse, palisade, ring, seek, set back, pound, go around, perplex, elude, besiege, pose, tucker out, trounce, block, get around, thrum, disconcert, nonplus, baffle, work over, surround, remit, flummox, deceive, cook, ticktock, eschew, duck, outwit, pester, trick, circumnavigate, beat up, quiver, tick, outmaneuver.

Usage examples: