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Definition of claim:

  1. A demand of a right or supposed right; a calling on another for something due or supposed to be due; an assertion of a right or fact.
  2. A loud call.
  3. A right to claim or demand something; a title to any debt, privilege, or other thing in possession of another; also, a title to anything which another should give or concede to, or confer on, the claimant.
  4. The thing claimed or demanded; that ( as land) to which any one intends to establish a right; as a settler's claim; a miner's claim.
  5. To ask for, or seek to obtain, by virtue of authority, right, or supposed right; to challenge as a right; to demand as due.
  6. To assert; to maintain.
  7. To be entitled to anything; to deduce a right or title; to have a claim.
  8. To call, or name.
  9. To proclaim.


carry, song, apology, deflate, use up, require, guide, insistence, walk off with, read, discredit, requirement, refute, charter, bump off, lay claim to something, study, part, Chapter 11, disprove, interest, disabuse, birdcall, lay something at someone's door, deed of conveyance, subscribe to, take over, remove, murder, Chapter 7, case law, act, necessitate, cite, introduce, walk away with, deed, cry, solicitation, dispatch, take up, profession, offer, stake, take in, engage, involve, usurp, call, application, bring, conservation area, adduce, dispute, statute title, recapture, seize, depend on, entreaty, allege, phone call, avouchment, dun, learn, corridor, title, entrance, withdraw, strike, vociferation, pack, interest, deflate, lay claim, domain, border, lease, argue, suit, deal, avowal, advance, allegation, entreaty, letter, bylaw, conservancy, ask, shoot, accusation, assign, have first call on, slaughter, take, convey, shout, announcement, attack, requisition, sweep, dish out, yell, part, lead, carry off, access, say, assertion, protestation, right, contention, demand, title of respect, contention, bill, request, asseveration, assassinate, exterminate, request, consume, look at, declaration, confound, charge, ask for, form of address, priority, kill, counterclaim, insist on, plead, conduct, take someone's life, repudiate, assurance, summons, entry, award, share, civil liberties, voice, select, stake, adopt, exact, telephone call, case, debunk, concession, film, take on, rubric, protestation, call option, enclosure, contain, want, beg, pick out, profession, dibs, rely on, margin call, ultimatum, assertion, call for, consider, asseverate, choose, public interest, explode, fill, order, give, stake a claim (to something), stick on, importunity, vindicate, apportion, subscribe, produce, appeal, avow, postulation, occupy, case, attestation, birdsong, impute to, appeal, suit, apologia, contract, requisition, crown, ultimatum, hire, requirement, train, allegation, owned, civil rights, counterclaim, ingest, direct, aim, cry out for, strangle, declaration, championship, civil law, postulation, insist on something, invite, application, postulate, arrogate, belt, acreage, take away, dry land, permission, drive, need, level at, could do with something, outcry, massacre, make, rent, get hold of, right, take aim.

Usage examples: