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Definition of clean up:

Synonyms for clean up:

tidy, crystalize, bathe, pick up, be coining it (in), crystallise, clear, sort out, body odor, generate, illuminate, grow fat on something, clean, B.O., check, brush, elucidate, unsnarl, bath, biodegradable, biological control, carbon sink, strike gold, convert, see reason/sense, crystalise, Amber alert, laugh all the way to the bank, APB, bubble bath, ablutions, straighten up, clean out, iron out, checkpoint, move on, enlighten, shed light on, beat, clue, the carbon cycle, catalytic converter, crystallize, change your mind, groom, carbon trading, disentangle, rake in, see the light, agent provocateur, douche, tidy up, renounce, all-points bulletin, carbon-neutral, pick up after, revise, put right, clear out, biohazard, roll out, delouse, make a killing, reform, straighten out, adapt, move with the times, clear up, capitulate, clampdown, make a fast/quick buck, neaten, backpedal, unbend, straighten, square away.