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Definition of clever:

  1. Good- natured; obliging.
  2. Having fitness, propriety, or suitableness.
  3. Possessing quickness of intellect, skill, dexterity, talent, or adroitness; expert.
  4. Showing skill or adroitness in the doer or former; as, a clever speech; a clever trick.
  5. Well- shaped; handsome.


cagy, ingenious, apposite, intelligent, artful, ability, pertinent, liable, disposed, tending, canny, skilful, adroit, apt, precocious, glib, tricksy, happy, laughter, alert, minded, chary, sharp-witted, cute, given, dodgy, original, cagey, amusing, knavish, keen, cunning, guileful, smart.

Usage examples: