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Definition of clown:

  1. A man of coarse nature and manners; an awkward fellow; an ill- bred person; a boor.
  2. One who works upon the soil; a rustic; a churl.
  3. The fool or buffoon in a play, circus, etc.
  4. To act as a clown; - with it.


rotter, laughter, dope, rat, bumper car, scuzzball, crack up, be (always) good for a laugh, custard pie, fink, sleazebag, creep, vermin, maniac, bastard, rat fink, dog, harlequin, a figure of fun, droll, cad, tickle someone's fancy, chuff, snake, sleazeball, airhead, antic, buzzard, skunk, crumb, varmint, stinker, pierrot, cuckoo, cur, scum, cretin, jokester, quipster, crease up, good-time Charlie, hoop, scumbag, clown around, boor, slob, so-and-so, louse, bugger, twat, mime, ferris wheel, laughing stock, heel, merry-andrew, jackass, carousel, schmuck, high wire, reptile, crud, slimeball, toad, punchinello, give someone the giggles, pill, dirtbag, hound, farceur, swine, camp it up, lout, zany, sod, tickle, set off, stinkard, bounder, beast, bleeder, big wheel, churl, blighter, buffo, fool, mummer, sleaze, slime, Punch, dumb blond, bozo, numpty, break up, lump, flume, big top, bring the house down, goose, buffoon, goofball, fathead.

Usage examples: