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Definition of coat:

  1. A coat card. See below.
  2. A layer of any substance covering another; a cover; a tegument; as, the coats of the eye; the coats of an onion; a coat of tar or varnish.
  3. A petticoat.
  4. An external covering like a garment, as fur, skin, wool, husk, or bark; as, the horses coats were sleek.
  5. An outer garment fitting the upper part of the body; especially, such a garment worn by men.
  6. Same as of arms. See below.
  7. The habit or vesture of an order of men, indicating the order or office; cloth.
  8. To cover with a coat or outer garment.
  9. To cover with a layer of any substance; as, to coat a jar with tin foil; to coat a ceiling.


epidermis, scarfskin, gloss, membrane, come up, glaze, leather, turn up, come on, coating, shell, painting, wash, finishing, hide, plaster, surface, reefer, dusting, pelage, wool, cake, fleece, husk, sheet, crust, integument, bark, rise up, come out, varnish, film, tinge, fell, application, finish, rind, rise, show up, hair, lacquer, pelt.

Usage examples: