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Definition of COD:

  1. A well- known fish chiefly inhabiting the northern seas, and especially the sandbanks around Newfoundland.
  2. Any husk or case containing the seeds of a plant; a pod.


fritter away, cash on delivery, dress down, bloater, muster up, receive, pester, filet, bedevil, fool, frustrate, certified mail, lecture, sop up, put on, depend on, rally, beat up, tease, badger, rebuke, befool, pod, mount, barracuda, bait, ingest, don, trounce, get at, gain, fuel pod, call up, jaw, coelacanth, drum up, put one over, fool away, adopt, have words, fluff, lambaste, get into, loosen, come up, ride, soak up, take up, codfish, chew out, dun, consume, tantalise, drive, fillet, arse around, get to, draw, hinge upon, chafe, dissipate, invite, gull, view, irritate, wear, collect, seedcase, remonstrate, rag, see, mobilize, clear, fritter, sit, card, bug, pull in, nark, depend upon, suck in, twit, muster, assume, devil, bother, take, seedpod, rebound, assimilate, airmail, absorb, gather in, shoot, turn on, apply, gravel, have, horse around, tease apart, realize, catch, due, dogfish, dab, take in, taunt, call on the carpet, slang, make, realise, express, hinge on, eel, crucify, put one across, summon, tantalize, bring in, first class, frivol away, reprimand, bawl out, call down, chew up, mobilise, watch, suck, scold, razz, bouillabaisse, earn, bass, take to task, bream, rile, dupe, torment, berate, turn in, suck up, beleaguer, owed, nettle, brill, chowder, fish, overhear, chide, lambast, fool around, annoy, vex, devolve on, anchovy, imbibe, reproof.

Usage examples: