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Definition of cognate:

  1. Allied by blood; kindred by birth; specifically ( Law), related on the mother's side.
  2. Of the same or a similar nature; of the same family; proceeding from the same stock or root; allied; kindred; as, a cognate language.
  3. One of a number of things allied in origin or nature; as, certain letters are cognates.
  4. One who is related to another on the female side.


connate, blood-related, corresponding, allied, intimate, sib, such, agnate, cognate word, interrelated, collocate, figuratively, resembling, connatural, comparable, suchlike, extinct, correspondent, consanguineous, inseparable, similar, idiomatic, argot, related to, matching, back formation, involved, dead, disyllabic, blood relation, related, consanguine, connective, catchword, consanguineal, antonym, interdependent, buzzword, classical, agglutinative, derivation, ditto, creole, akin, blood relative, parallel, resemblant, contraction, synonymous, kindred, figurative, sibling, connected, kin.

  • related (part of speech: verb)

Usage examples: