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Definition of cold:

  1. Coldness.
  2. Not warm or hot; frigid; indifferent; without zeal; without affection; wanting in animation.
  3. The sensation or feeling produced by the want or loss of heat; a disease contracted from improper exposure of the person to atmospheric changes; a shivering or chilliness.


glum, comfortless, spontaneous, unmoved, appendicitis, defunct, bow-wow, darkening, godforsaken, emotionless, refrigerated, passionate, coldish, pale, impromptu, bunny, crisp, morose, somber, Cool, unwarmed, right now, phlegmatic, promptly, raw, unclubbable, chintzy, ardorless, wintry, bronchitis, prosy, inhumane, inhibited, al dente, demised, deaf to, cloudy, inhuman, bold, on-the-spot, shivery, ice-cold, monotonous, dead to, suddenly, severe, uninteresting, rimed, attitude, indifferent, curried, miserable, dark, stony, deceased, with the eyes open, mothy, dreich, bleak, common cold, brittle, nipping, unresponsive, moth-eaten, elegiac, beriberi, icy, colourless, choo-choo, wind chill, unfriendly, refrigerant, churlish, glacial, clean, piercing, intense, bleached, unintended, parky, standoff, lugubrious, inclement, boo-boo, freezing, keen, aloof, heartless, tart, imperturbable, colored, dismal, intentional, perfect, au naturel, brash, spiritless, dusty, antiseptic, dull, unemotional, sex, icy, frosty, uninspired, sepulchral, morbid, unaffected, bang, surly, iced, sullen, premeditated, insensible, acold, gray, buttoned-up, cold-blooded, antagonistic, ratty, chilliness, breaded, a nip in the air, headlong, piercing, boreal, frosty, stone-cold, insusceptible, wintry, far, cooked, sour, algid, callous, funereal, blood poisoning, snappy, ungracious, bone-chilling, keen, solemn, black, numbed, instinctive, big, battered, plutonian, coldness, frosted, chilled, sunless, polar, breathless, refrigerating, color-coded, unconscious, gone, stinging, frigorific, dire, low, standoffish, dreary, numbing, nippy, cutting, bleak, warm, prepense, botulism, anorexia, shivering, heatless, fast, forlorn, frigid, dry, remote, bitter, lifeless, hot, penetrating, distant, low temperature, cross, deep-fried, gelid, lifeless, hard, random, coincidental, stale, Alzheimer's disease, churlish, lonesome, accidental, birdie, frigid, bright, sullen, murky, hard, Cimmerian, old, tenebrous, involuntary, anthrax, tatty, senseless, desolate, clammy, insensible, chill, cold-eyed, saturnine, asleep, deliberate, frost, cold spell, deviled, grim, briskness, unbending, arbitrary, cold snap, asocial, unheated, at once, wretched, antisocial, disconsolate, inclement, rimy, altitude sickness, unpleasant, gelid, ice-hound, late, snowy, passionless, freezing, pervious, lonely, offish, frozen, awareness, dead, instantly, soul-less, reserved, gruff, tenebrific, brisk, frore, ablaze, malicious, frigidness, fallen, cheerless, unenthusiastic, unloving, perspiring, hard-eyed, straight away, insentient, hostile, insensate, drear, shy, shabby, glacial, passionless, straight, stiff, shivering, unsociable, nuclear winter, ague, harsh, arctic, fresh, departed, depressing, sharp, dust-covered, depressive, coolish, glassy, nipping, unsympathetic, by accident.

Usage examples: