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Definition of collar:

  1. Something worn round the neck; that part of the harness which goes round the neck of a horse or other, animal used as a beast of burden; in arch., a ring.
  2. To catch hold of one by anything round the neck; to roll up flesh meat and bind it with cord.


receive, three, cotton ball, garrotter, dig, discernment, match, pinch, shoe collar, comb, percolate, threesome, get word, dickey, flea collar, strangler, neckband, apprehension, bounty hunter, uplift, beak, neckpiece, trinity, altar, perk, jot, catch, choker, torque, check, grok, button-down collar, neck ruff, cassock, touch, chalice, ternary, triad, bertha, tweak, coattails, get wind, thieve, cross, bust, down, seizure, feather, breath test, blast, comprehend, ace, apprehend, stop, glom, quail at, emergency, nab, clothes, apprehensiveness, ruff, lead, lift up, speck, gather up, arrestment, jabot, gizzard, tierce, book, cockscomb, peg, crest, breathalyze, grab, choke chain, button, taking into custody, belt, grasp, get the picture, body search, nail, bodice, nail down, compass, pinpoint, frill, triplet, corner, exigency, ball bearing, cane, turn around, intoxicate, contain, dog collar, trio, ternion, corset, buttonhole, trine, gain vigor, halt, breeze through, hint, elate, pickup, terzetto, arm, Vandyke collar, garroter, sweep through, knock off, Easter egg, pass with flying colors, savvy, accost, get a line, troika, snitch, ruffle, dread, sail through, tercet, braces, breast pocket, smash, hook, law, pick-up, haul, turn back, call for, hold back, coat, soupcon, collect, cam, collection plate, armhole, shawl collar, muzzle, throttler, boom, complete, Peter Pan collar, talk at, bill, mite, snap, perk up, bib, hitch, arrest, clerical collar, understanding, cast, gimmick, cotton, carriage, see, stoppage, ancillary, bearing, discover, hold, lei, find out, bandage, hear, biretta, stay, bucket, misgiving, tinge, breast, Eton collar, learn, care label, peck, crucifix, compress, cop, deuce-ace, Band-Aid, trey, camshaft, chamber.

Usage examples: