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Definition of collect:

  1. A short prayer adapted for a particular occasion.
  2. To gather separate persons or things into one body or place; to assemble or bring together; to gain by observation or research; to infer as a consequence; to recover from surprise.


lift up, anthologize, dupe, put one across, raise, imbibe, watch, roll up, conglomerate, gather in, owed, gain, reserve, cluster, assimilate, uncover, mass, hear, hive, cod, overhear, see, store up, pile, claim back, require, perk up, get together, put one over, go for, quest, forgather, hoard up, build up, ingest, clump together, read up on, gain vigor, pick up, heap up, lump, ask, bespeak, bring in, peck, corral, call, smother, cop, draw in, keep, set aside, cull, draw, collar, besiege, compile, negotiate, hoard, tuck, coat, arrest, round up, cash in, need, squirrel away, get in, hive up, save, befool, roll, intoxicate, fool, put on, monetize, cool, realize, summon, discover, crown, bury, necessitate, ascertain, stack up, request, garner, pull in, consume, recover, take up, consolidate, due, top, solicit, get word, blanket, call for, wrap up, make, pull, suck up, find, furl, soak up, restraint, slang, uplift, realise, stack, gather, learn, contain, flock, find out, cumulate, move in, control, suck in, turn around, scrape together, concentrate, determine, bundle, amass, attract, elate, bundle up, calm, re-collect, pile up, close up, gather up, converge, stash, involve, percolate, get a line, establish, cover, suck, huddle, cache, perk, accrue, postulate, retain, settle, cozy up, earn, accrete, accumulate, demand, apprehend, wrap, foregather, crowd, agglomerate, pull together, concenter, manage, buy up, have, handle, pucker, nail, clear, gull, absorb, sop up, adopt, simmer down, stockpile, invite, constellate, get wind, congregate, insulate, view, take in, rendezvous, bulk, lay away.

Usage examples: