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Definition of combination:

  1. Close union or connection; an intimate union of two or more persons or things to effect some purpose; a union of particulars; chemical combination, the tendency of certain substances to unite and form a new substance.


combining, unification, connection, affiliation, unity, clear, gang, antibacterial, conflation, antimalarial, axis, key, junto, compounding, confederation, ring, conjunction, conspiracy, connecting, code, group, party, fob, sequence, conjugation, federation, junction, skeleton key, latchkey, combo, eclecticism, aseptic, bionic, bloc, aggregate, association, key ring, cohesion, partnership, cabal, master key, alliance, pass key, faction, assemble, synthesis, cocktail, merging, syndicate, antenatal, combine, broad-spectrum, conclave, bloodless, block, near, clinical, order, league, confederacy, jumble, trust, coupling, linking, succession, bunch, cartel, coalition, crew, organization.

Usage examples: