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Definition of come:

  1. To draw near; to move towards; to arrive or reach; to happen or fall out; to advance and arrive at some state or condition; to sprout; to spring.


adopt, nigh, perplex, develop, watch over, make sense, walk, have it away, produce, enumerate, get hold, come to pass, rise up, go into, balls, roam, get in, watch, haul off, fill in, summon, execute, eff, have it off, spend the night with someone, postdate, arise, mystify, close in, have intercourse, flow, catch, devolve, start out, make love, strike, seminal fluid, clitoris, go for, write out, trace, bob up, to come, cost an arm and a leg, engender, occur, behave, come in, upspring, outsell, become, puzzle, commence, fix, proceed, coif, deign, roll in the hay, far-off, line up, comply, espouse, practice, experience, run, reach, go up, generate, set, amount, get on with, scrape up, fall down, perform, get along with, shape up, germ, source, do, sum, descend, stick, deduct, see the world, go off, sooner or later, cock, get it on, set about, jump into bed with someone, dumbfound, sire, deal, fall, overtake, take over, stick to, issue, tally, move, flummox, convey, number, get around to, ahead, interpose, go far, why, rally, let, father, turn, capture, add, bring, cause, expand, bed, make it, incur, move into, precipitate, pace, tell apart, pay off, hang, decrease, fetch, cope, get, sustain, tot, discern, receive, get by, go along, spot, come up, make do, act, play along, fulfill, retail, cut, stimulate, come down, amaze, keep up, dash, follow, inject, list, muster up, muster, accompany, contract, rise, go to, distinguish, educe, light, pass, come on, baffle, go in, put in, find, later, come off, progress, beat, appear, pick out, cost/pay the earth, fall out, touch, arrive, ejaculate, semen, in the long run/term, buzz off, cervix, keep abreast, forge, return, sum up, throw in, cook, bring forth, settle, happen, take, lift, tote up, take up, move up, show up, interject, travel, be intimate with someone, come along, unfold, betide, stretch, beaver, get on, lie with, hump, conduct, keep down, go, come about, have sex, cojones, start on, hap, get down, get through, get laid, drop back, drive, spring, one day, cum, numerate, befall, have a go at it, bits, manage, set out, know, boner, sleep together, obtain, uprise, dress, wax, the blocks, go on, conform to, false start, come/go under the hammer, diminish, derive, tot up, sell out, tomorrow, keep an eye on, acclaim, fare, someday, succeed, make out, bollocks, mother, total, begin, stem, make, surface, summate, cost a pretty penny, change, lessen, turn up, scrape, come out, take place, go/sell like hot cakes, get into, grow, shine, be intimate, baton, draw, fill out, go down, place, copulate, push, get around, scram, complete, get down to, bugger off, when the time comes, jazz, pay back, deliver, be, induce, accrue, contend, serve, sell, arrest, deduce, recognise, grapple, draw in, get under one's skin, dead heat, travel along, start, neck, vex, extend, screw, cervical, chance, love, spread, explore, scratch, originate, recognize, clock, issue forth, pose, have, infer, emanate, march, beget, island-hop, add up, do it, coiffure, answer, get along, dive in, come after, seeded player, abide by, pursue, take after, count, add together, practise, come to, escort, lead, surveil, climax, acquire, gravel, coiffe, suffice, bum around, observe, stupefy, transpire, bonk, bewilder, suffer, stick with, sleep with, nonplus, arrange, survey, pass off, ascend, evolve, seed, consummate, bang, aim, shepherd, herald, exercise, condescend, hail.

Usage examples:

  • Come in, and tell it to me."

    - "The Attache or, Sam Slick in England, Complete", Thomas Chandler Haliburton.
  • That it has come.

    - "The Spoilers of the Valley", Robert Watson.
  • You come here and see him.

    - "The Awakening of Helena Richie", Margaret Deland.