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Definition of comfort:

  1. Ease or rest either to body or mind; support; consolation; moderate enjoyment with ease.
  2. To console; to strengthen; to encourage.


protect, discomfort, relaxation, nicety, palliate, encourage, plenty, privilege, incentive, puff, nourish, release, facilitate, abundance, powderpuff, lighten, content, harbor, value, puff of air, treasure, simplicity, paradise, quilt, advantage, composure, whiff, freedom, baby's dummy, solace, cosiness, entertain, felicity, support, comforter, indulgence, soothe, cherish, well-being, cheerfulness, serenity, peacefulness, time out, hassock, sympathizer, pleasure, foster, delight, frill, repose, informality, nurture, pull, breather, pity, self-possession, good, relief, equilibrium, luxury, warmth, convenience, superfluity, satisfaction, high ground, reliever, solace, prosperity, the good life, consolation, allayer, consolation, solacement, simpleness, sympathiser, comforts, luxury, increase, amenity, put/set someone's mind at ease/at rest, cheerfulness, lessen, talk down, compassion, mod con, cheer, gratification, quietude, extra, merit, allay, defuse, sufficiency, breathing space, pouffe, benefit, shelter, drag, still, happiness, break, teething ring, uneasiness, put someone at (their) ease, cling to, blow, succor, gratification, cool head, creature comfort, asset, pacifier, amenities, virtue, console, encouragement, ottoman, comfortableness, ease, equanimity, enjoyment, creature comforts, trump card, nurse, retreat, accommodation, peace, control, rest, enjoyment, poise, ease, harmony, edge, mitigate, tranquilize, easiness, Snugness, hold dear.

Usage examples: