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Definition of comfortable:

  1. Being in a state of ease or moderate enjoyment; giving comfort; placing above want.


good-humoured, out of action, attractive, cozy, sluttish, simple, easeful, snug, roomy, convenient, booming, critical, at ease, boot-cut, canny, analgesia, thriving, happy, good-tempered, good, prosperous, adequate, at one with, homely, homey, cushy, homelike, aplenty, palmy, best, beachfront, agreeable, roomy, liberal, balmy, affluent, uncomfortable, well-off, A-line, flourishing, bountiful, satisfactory, bounteous, hotly, carbuncle, cheerful, comfy, well-to-do, mindless, content, genial, comfortably off, chilled, elementary, restored, well-heeled, cool, button-down, folksy, promiscuous, friendly, at rest, warm, comforted, gratifying, tranquil, homy, cheery, cut up, hurt, well-to-do, placid, effortless, wealthy, battered, pleasing, wretched, easy, golden, calm, hardball, colonial, blissful, baronial, soothing, enough, galore, baggy, light, brief, decisive, nice, salubrious, composed, agreeable, casual, competitive, manageable, loose, cornucopian, cosy, contented, handsome, generous, halcyon, cheerful, numbing, insensible, backless, button-through, cosy, decent, luxurious, plenty, pleasant, palatial, intimate, soft, satisfied, lovely, sheltered, commodions, gratified, favorable, gentle, relaxing, comforting, wounded, contented, numb, useful, convincing, well-situated, cramped, excess, injured, favourable, protected, pleased, sufficient, come naturally/easily/easy (to someone), competent, satisfied, happy, appointed, nonchalant, satisfying, brownstone, clingy, devastating, rested, spacious, painless, well-off, prospering, pleasant, wanton, well-provided, dead, lame, snug, convenient, in funds, ample, untroubled, insensitive, plenteous, commodious, at ease, thrive, suitable, miserable, carpeted, laid-back, enough, suitable, well-fixed, enjoyable, hot, trouble-free, go to sleep, undemanding, relieved, in the lap of luxury, lucky, relaxed, easygoing, black and blue, leisurely, healthy, rich, abundant, civilized, uneasy, burned-out, roaring, wide, cavernous.

Usage examples:

  • Aren't we rather comfortable as we are?

    - "A Maker of History", E. Phillips Oppenheim.
  • And it's comfortable to hold!

    - "Don Juan Tenorio", José Zorrilla Translated by N. K. Mayberry & A. S. Kline.
  • You will be quite comfortable.

    - "The Amazing Interlude", Mary Roberts Rinehart.