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Definition of comical:

  1. Relating to comedy; raising mirth; droll; diverting.


jocund, priceless, laughter, comedic, jovial, uncommon, cockeyed, crotchety, study at funny, whimsical, zany, screaming, fantastic, comic, shady, idiotic, suspicious, mirthful, pathetic, chucklesome, humourous, riotous, merry, wry, playful, amusive, erratic, peculiar, unmatched, unusual, rum, extraordinary, unique, jolly, cockamamy, queer, diverting, amusing, antic, humorous, anomalous, sidesplitting, risible, suspect, rummy, gay, humoristic, derisory, laughing, singular, laughable, funny, hysterical, fishy, odd, killing, derisive, uproarious, strange, quaint, hilarious.

Usage examples: