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Definition of commode:

  1. A small sideboard with drawers and shelves; a headress formerly worn by women; a convenient article of bedroom furniture.


keister, potful, mess, potbelly, muckle, arm, urinal, rear, faecal matter, bottom, deal, prat, hind end, bum, butt, pile, stack, john, sewer, plenty, canful, posterior, chaise lounge, chaise longue, kitty, lav, tail end, heap, mass, hatful, can, green goddess, sens, quite a little, good deal, peck, corporation, arse, chiffonier, thunder mug, lot, tush, dope, sess, nates, back, wad, buttocks, tidy sum, mountain, can buoy, tummy, chamberpot, backside, throne, rear end, derriere, potty, faeces, armchair, tin can, armrest, seat, latrine, flowerpot, facilities, toilette, potentiometer, furniture, bay window, great deal, passel, spate, tin, locoweed, table, toilet, mickle, tail, chair, rump, pot, buns, weed, raft, fundament, fanny, slew, dejection, tooshie, grass, lavatory, backrest, crapper, porta potty, stool, water closet, batch, smoke, gage, hindquarters, gutter, mint, WC, behind, stern, flock, bathroom, the john, ordure, jackpot, fecal matter, chesterfield, feces, sight, privy, skunk, ass, chaise.

Usage examples: