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Definition of common:

  1. A tract of ground belonging to no one in particular or open to the use of all.
  2. Belonging equally to more than one; serving for the use of all; usual or ordinary; without rank; not distinguished by superior excellence; in gram., applied to nouns that are both masc. and fem.


rugged, frequent, fair, cut-rate, concerted, lowly, better, car park, trashy, received, democratic, hackneyed, common or garden, everyday, conformable, miserable, widespread, all the time, tidy, public, good, correspondent, garden, unrefined, distributed, passable, unadorned, commonality, undistinguished, area, across-the-board, greenness, below, adequate, substandard, repeatedly, demotic, nondescript, platitudinous, second-rate, genteel, roughhewn, low-class, chief, communistic, honey oil, lowbred, reciprocal, typical, standard-issue, global, cut-and-dried, private, overall, second-class, familiar, lowbrow, popular, vox pop, acceptable, innocuous, world-wide, flightless, bourgeois, conventional, commonalty, communal, parking lot, grassroots, roughneck, putting surface, illiberal, third estate, familiar, fair, undistinguished, usual, commonly held, gimcrack, harsh, schlock, conjunct, plain, viridity, tolerable, dull, vulgar, above, gregarious, rough-hewn, boorish, casual, pedestrian, popularly, unnatural, low-grade, agora, corporate, unremarkable, bad, ballpark, vernacular, household, rude, rough-cut, block, junky, shoddy, sorry, ordinary, hackneyed, simple, characteristic, populist, humble, abiding, born, perpetual, mean, informal, crested, regular, mutually held, satisfactory, goodish, parking area, household, unsophisticated, typical, armpit, plebeian, brownfield, barrio, cheapjack, mere, lousy, rough, trivial, homely, bargain-basement, cabbagetown, plebeian, indivisible, trumpery, elite, bum, typical, garden-variety, surprise, great, well-known, trite, ordinary, personal, prevalent, insensible, park, uncultured, super acid, leafy vegetable, basic, crappy, natural, prosaic, lesser, burbs, low, borough, shared by, humble, warmed-over, cooperative, el cheapo, worn-out, wearisome, plain, unremarkable, putting green, A-list, indifferent, green, declassed, among, full-fledged, daily, decent, accepted, uneven, sufficient, unique, regularly, habitual, broad-brush, notorious, fairish, frequently, a lot, uneducated, catholic, trite, artless, vernacular, cat valium, inveterate, coarse, common land, general, conjoint, coarse, knowledge, lowborn, united, frequent, lumpen, inferior, unexceptional, special K, webbed, standard, undivided, normal, infamous, commonplace, over, commonly, OK, lower-class, respectable, obvious, unusual, rotten, all right, prole, rubbishy, base-born, group, wonted, baseborn, current, commons, general public, shared, unassuming, wretched, tedious, ruling, individual, pooled, migratory, overused, workaday, specific, run-of-the-mine, B-list, ignoble, indifferent, quotidian, super C, shabby, lowly, formulaic, execrable, jet, combined, low-life, uncultivated, incult, second-rate, raffish, customary, passable, low-rent, cantonment, mutual, stereotyped, greens, Besetting, vulgar, uncouth, parkland, probable, tolerable, community, unwashed, patent, trivial, average, terrible, low-quality, average, peculiar, partaking, coincident, stale, humdrum, proletarian, provincial, cheesy, fledged, insipid, multiple, majority, blanket, untutored, universal.

Usage examples: