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Definition of company:

  1. A large or small number of persons met together; a party of persons assembled for social intercourse; fellowship; a number of persons united for the purposes of trade, & c.; a firm; the crew of a ship, including officers; a division of soldiers in a foot regiment under a captain; to bear company, to go with; to attend; to keep company with, to associate with; to go with as an intimate friend frequently or habitually.


performing arts, affiliate, firm, camaraderie, comradery, consort, anchor, agent, column detachment, troop, drill team, league, guest of honor, association, fellowship, horde, come with, chemistry, conviviality, crew, host, gang, muster, telephoner, cheerleader, caller-up, people, boatswain, confederacy, society, bosun, high society, tribe, assembly, caller-out, chorus girl, group, bon ton, circle, attach to, connect, community, phoner, caller, visit, socialite, conclave, connection, combination, friendship, tie, congregation, family, man about town, acquaintance, phalanx, assemblage, agency, fringe, competition, concourse, gild, order, confederacy, smart set, convention, hostess, house, boatman, congregation, cohort, crewman, conversazione, buccaneer, event, crowd, collection, companion, corps de ballet, convention, alliance corporation, do, play along, faction, captain, association, conference, cavalry, social club, lodge, intercourse, attend, throng, evening, throng, chorus line, keep company, congregation, gathering, troupe, society, relations, big business, collect, convocation, get-together, guest, congress, coffee klatch, guild, throng, partnership, corps, accompanied, link, party, the biz, muster, sight, ballet, dancer, go with, cap'n, relationship, go hand in hand with, coalition, familiarity, conference, organization, chorus, brotherhood, assemblage, contingent, base, convocation, multitude, ship's company, entertain, acquisition, rapport, command, accompany, federation, account, visitor, blind date, dinner party, advance guard, black tie, troupe, conclave, meeting, visitant, partygoer, companionship, group, confederation, band, gathering, political party, invitee, companionship, collection, alliance, crowd, reconciliation, comradeship, posse, union, assembly, beau monde, communion, docker, blue chip, escort, levy, community, party, wing, follow, party animal, amuse, meeting, knot, associates, conjunction, meeting, fraternity, participation, ballerina, friends.

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