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Definition of compass:

  1. Grasp; reach; space; extent; the limit or boundary of anything- applied to anything that can be measured or limited; a circuit; a circumference; the magnetic needle or mariner's compass; a guide; a direction.


breadth, periphery, borderline, check, verge, nail, cover, master, range, clutches, E., quail at, electron orbit, cardinal point, stove, image, cathode-ray oscilloscope, cop, accomplish, get the picture, apprehend, arena, clench, hold on, grind, orbit, delve, extension, fringe, easternmost, polestar, setting, grip, embrace, focus, direction, collar, amplitude, east, end, chain, kitchen stove, swing, capacity, labour, purview, moil, territory, grasp, bound, scope, arrest, poke, comprehend, cooking stove, procure, lodestar, hold, reaching, hem, range of mountains, margin, mountain chain, triangle, restriction, set square, eye socket, rim, clasp, reach, kitchen range, orbital cavity, sweep, edge, skirting, attain, confines, cynosure, expanse, win, mountain range, brim, pick up, range of a function, savvy, excavate, sphere, acquire, obtain, edging, theodolite, grok, slide rule, limitation, plumb line, arrive at, prod, boundary, bearing, get, skirt, width, restraint, dig, ambit, limit, circumnavigate, ability, compasses, nab, telescope, drudge, travail, dig up, achieve, extent, appreciation, chain of mountains, cut into, background, toil, control, dimension, constraint, eastward, cranial orbit, hollow, realm, turn over, secure, frame, stab, area, domain, celestial orbit, encompass, perimeter, earn, dividers, oscilloscope, clutch, labor, extent, jab, easterly, dig out, perceive, stretch, field, gain.

Usage examples: