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Definition of complicate:

  1. Intricate; confused.
  2. To fold and twist together; to involve; to entangle; to make intricate; to confuse.


knotty, tangled, embroil, darken, puzzle, twist, stupefy, flesh out, labyrinthine, deepen, make complex, worsen, mystify, imply, labyrinthian, involute, dumbfound, rectify, refine, compound, involved, embellish, exacerbate, polish, mix up, make matters/things worse, knot, gravel, intricate, do more harm than good, perplex, daedal, bewilder, complicated, simple, enlarge, include, flummox, be beyond someone, rarify, inflame, bedevil, expand, muddle, sophisticated, vex, ball up, byzantine, be (as) clear as mud, implicate, convolute, beat, expound, make intricate, snarl up, tie in knots, obfuscate, stick, amaze, obscure, aggravate, lucubrate, ravel, escalate, nonplus, add fuel to the fire/flames, embarrass, jumble, make multiform, conceal, work out, render unintelligible, dilate, defy, make various, make difficult, get, exposit, baroque, convoluted, down, elaborate, overwhelm, expatiate, pose, fine-tune.

Usage examples: