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Definition of compound:

  1. A body formed by the union or mixture of two or more substances or parts.
  2. Composed of two or more substances; composed of several parts.
  3. To mix or unite two or more substances into one body or mass; to unite or combine; to adjust; to discharge, as a debt by composition; to come to terms.


bilobated, chloride, pinnatisect, trifoliolate, enhance, yoke, heighten, two-ply, binate, affix, bilobate, coalesce, raise, lights out, amortize, confused, increase, odd-pinnate, chain, palmatifid, incur, trilobated, add fuel to the fire/flames, add to, bipartite, do more harm than good, mix up, marry, unite, complicated, apposition, tripinnated, pedate, aggravate, conflate, irons, immix, exacerbate, derivation, merge, liquidate, cellular, palmate, grammatical, trilobate, change, trilobed, intensify, palm-shaped, involved, abstruse, lobate, pinnatifid, sharpen, carboniferous, quadripartite, anaphora, mingle, wed, catalyst, chemical, tripinnatifid, bipinnate, discharge, rise, aggregate, trifoliated, manifold, imparipinnate, inflected, base, step up, conjugate, forgive, dual, entangled, deepen, conjugal visit, chemical compound, double, parted, incised, cleft, couple, componential analysis, agrochemical, shackle, stir in, multiform, frequentative, link, canonical form, consolidate, fetters, pinnate, complex, commingle, paripinnate, quinquefoliate, intricate, triple, intermingle, hunger strike, derivative, declarative, trifoliate, lobed, jumble, decompound, flux, escalate, connect, conditional, concrete, ternate, dissected, worsen, colonial, make matters/things worse, bilobed, acid, liquidation, clear, alkali, pinnated, deictic, unify, tripinnate, complicate, abruptly-pinnate, join, combine, dissolve, even-pinnate, combo, obscure, bipinnatifid, leg irons, tangled, trilateral, heterogeneous, element, inflame, default, feminine, manacle, conjoin, bipinnate, appropriacy.

Usage examples: