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Definition of confound:

  1. To mingle different things so that they cannot be distinguished; to mix or blend; to confuse or perplex; to astonish or stupefy; to cast down; to terrify; to dismay.


mortify, thrust, disprove, feelings, discountenance, shoot down, put off, fluster, obscure, hold, puzzle, pain, hurl, flummox, play a joke on, defy, chagrin, be beyond someone, pose, confuse, flip, shock, mystify, vex, frustrate, affect, dun, drink, booze, knock out, discredit, baffle, flurry, dispute, torment, clear, thrash, shake off, play tricks, crucify, disconfirm, discomfort, be (as) clear as mud, faze, falsify, surprise, throw away, give, abash, shed, addle, pull a fast one on, humiliate, conflate, explode, bemuse, switch, befog, flim-flam, fuddle, stick, beat, daunt, fob, debunk, befuddle, obnubilate, trick, stun, crush, bewilder, discomfit, throw, mix, contrive, stagger, cast off, shame, disabuse, amaze, nonplus, defeat, repudiate, rag, astonish, confute, dizzy, overcome, play a trick on, knowledge, dishearten, fox, stump, cast, disconcert, win, belie, project, overawe, get, make, bamboozle, overpower, flash mob, commingle, have, correct, throw off, mistake, embarrass, humble, bedevil, buffalo, deepen, shake up, muddy, disorient, rattle, blend, discombobulate, gravel, maze, rebut, smash, drop, refute, spring a surprise, deflate, astound, deflate.

Usage examples: