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Definition of confuse:

  1. Confusedly.


set back, obnubilate, conflate, humble, hedge, bedevil, miss, have, discomfit, gravel, rag, shake off, trip up, overawe, fuddle, film over, shed, confound, stir up, encumber, dumbfound, be (as) clear as mud, dodge, project, ball up, mystify, hold, disconcert, mislead, vex, sidestep, cast off, make a hash of, elude, addle the wits, puzzle, err, play tricks, daunt, befog, ball up, postpone, faze, flip, skirt, unhinge, crucify, untune, snafu, blot out, slip up, embarrass, cross up, parry, preoccupy, put off, flummox, smudge, make, befuddle, misinform, embroil, slur, frustrate, unsettle, play a trick on, buffalo, remit, smear, contrive, flurry, shuffle, stump, mistake, blear, turn off, torment, smutch, trick, cast, fob, fudge, discountenance, let down, discombobulate, throw, fall short, haze over, becloud, hide, divert, pose, clear, nonplus, defer, put at a loss, mist, veil, table, maze, put over, render uncertain, give, get, play a joke on, foul up, hold over, pain, humiliate, faze, order, shelve, fog, deepen, shame, hurl, duck, abash, mortify, throw off the scent, prorogue, disrupt, addle, overcloud, bedim, rattle, disarray, mess up, beat, pull a fast one on, throw away, drink, blunder, dismay, throw off, bamboozle, defy, dun, fox, distract, circumvent, chagrin, daze, booze, switch, mingle, discomfort, obfuscate, worry, disjoint, bewilder, bemuse, stumble, dizzy, lead astray, muddy, jumble, glaze over, dishearten, make a mess of, feelings, dim, obliterate, drop, correct, addle, astonish, mystify, evade, disorient, thrust, mix, throw together, darken, flim-flam, be beyond someone, blend.

Usage examples: