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Definition of confusion:

  1. Disorder; indistinctness; astonishment; distraction of mind.


ado, jam, bewilderedness, havoc, bamboozlement, tangle, mystification, mortification, interference, stir, fluster, dismay, shuffle, wateriness, cloudiness, complication, free-for-all, bomb site, entanglement, disorderedness, dither, turbulence, bungle, surprise, muddiness, bedlam, riot, quiet, whirl, heck, miscalculation, screw-up, snake pit, blunder, order, trouble, nervousness, muss, mental confusion, mare's nest, chance-medley, befuddlement, farrago, perplexing, awe, discombobulation, maze, blur, snarl, unsettling, flutter, fix, scramble, delirium, to-do, hubbub, disturbing, snafu, flurry, jumble, gaffe, error, tie-up, convulsion, hodgepodge, haze, hell, mix-up, consternation, complexity, mixed message, bafflement, muddle, oversight, racket, murkiness, shambles, excitement, fog, astonishment, discomfiture, flaw, agitation, perplexity, knot, stupefaction, intricacy, melee, admiration, embarrassment, labyrinth, calm, bewilderment, breakdown, dishevelment, untidiness, tizzy, amazement, bemusement, bustle, misorder, demoralization, botch, hurly-burly, pandemonium, shutdown, chagrin, Babel, culture shock, upsetting, misapprehension, welter, hysteria, confusedness, rumpus, wilderness, ambiguity, embarrassing, comprehension, topsy-turviness, abashment, distraction, row, disturbance, pain, disarray, disconcertment, daze, din, quandary, stew, congestion, uproar, wonder, jungle, head-scratching, fracas, tumble, sloppiness, puzzlement, ferment, snag, slip, foul-up, difficulty, squalor, dislocation.

Usage examples: