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Definition of conscious:

  1. Possessing the power of knowing one's own thoughts and actions; having knowledge of anything without extraneous information; aware; sensible.


self-conscious, calculated to do something, deliberately, certified, sentient, up, certain, cognizant, heedful, blurred, knowingly, insensible, sure, commemorative, insomnia, intended, unconscious, faint, clued up, assured, elusive, omniscient, au fait, consciously, by design, advised, sensible, conversant, waking, wide-awake, alive, set, wakeful, semiconscious, aware, knowledgeable, purposive, catchy, apprised, dimly, apprehensive, knowing, foggy, toss and turn, bad night, willed, awake, purposeful, on purpose, seeing, etched, dim, aware, ware, awake to something, witting, informed, awareness, sleepless, familiar with something, alert.

Usage examples: