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Definition of consume:

  1. To destroy by separating the parts; to eat or devour; to squander or waste; to spend idly, as time; to become wasted; to bring to utter ruin.


convey, decimate, to the ground, take in, run down, annihilate, see, subscribe, put through, contain, feature, fill, refine, tuck, put down, consider, require, guide, toss off, run off, polish off, charter, partake, release, rent, acquire, own, submit, lead, pass, exhaust, engross, corrode, gather in, take, clear, learn, take away, imbibe, have, stimulate, invite, befool, film, emaciate, put on, sweep away, realize, exact, conduct, put away, direct, finish off, select, follow up, fool, finish, bear, accept, get, give birth, pig, follow through, sop up, soak up, devour, burn down, let, swallow, remove, incinerate, excite, shoot, hold, drink down, carry off, demand, rot, pull down, tucker, extinguish, scourge, ingestion, expel, land, blow, conserve, cut down, preoccupy, suffer, drink up, pine away, put one over, raven, inspire, torch, engage, fire someone with enthusiasm, wear out, eat on, enthuse, obliterate, discharge, eradicate, immerse, realise, pull in, suck in, make, induce, push down, make use of, take aim, guttle, liquidate, implement, demolish, bolt down, earn, drink in, set light to something, try, pick out, attract, subscribe to, squander, train, work through, go through, fritter away, choose, swallow up, adopt, withdraw, utilize, destroy, experience, study, read, occupy, save, dispatch, do in, go, neutralise, collect, knock down, go across, eat up, need, tucker out, desolate, overwhelm, suck, draw on, macerate, deplete, assimilate, burn, obsess, put one across, dupe, wipe out, erase, overhear, draw, assume, give, use, motivate, exploit, pour down, gain, beat, go toward, pop, waste, employ, follow out, deliver, bring in, wash up, lay waste to, run through, involve, get hold of, manage, ware, carry, chow, touch, down, catch, eject, cancel out, throw away, drain, eliminate, capture someone's interest/imagination/attention, drive, languish, carry out, haunt, increase, run out of, bury, pack, draw down, suck up, interest, knock off, tire, scorch, call for, riot away, ask, fool away, fare, possess, have got, intrigue, neutralize, rust, sustain, watch, contract, claim, take up, admit, lease, cod, fine-tune, postulate, necessitate, birth, polish, cause, gull, strike, help, bring, absorb, take on, sap, devastate, receive, deal, ingest, slang, fall back on, belt down, throw, apply, play out, sear, view, dazzle, kill, trifle away, shoot down, awareness, ravage, monopolize, singe, use up, aim, look at, hire.

Usage examples: