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Definition of contemptible:

  1. Worthy of scorn or disdain; mean; vile; despicable.


lame, currish, crap, disgusting, piteous, abject, pathetic, antipathetic, abhorrent, sordid, good, odious, lousy, grubby, cruddy, dirty, pitiable, disgraceful, ratty, scabby, poor, moving, snide, sneaking, nasty, pitiful, despicable, scummy, low-down, abominable, low, deplorable, rotten, low-grade, despisable, scurvy, sad, bad, low-minded, filthy, mournful, terrible, touching, ignominious, wretched, miserable, base, dire, paltry, obnoxious, sorry, repugnant, sorrowful, execrable, embarrassing, shabby, woful, foul, lamentable, detestable, cheap, second-rate.

Usage examples: