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Definition of contract:

  1. To betroth; to affiance.


fix, father, exact, postulate, write out, geld, castrate, arrive, resolution, draw, shrivel, deoxidize, sheer, undertake, pack, amaze, scram, shrivel up, bundle, annunciation, distil, take in, thin, incur, deoxidise, shoot, crush, burn, reduce, coerce, keep down, hold, bid, stupefy, wince, rivet, cut back, issue, look at, hug, set about, receive, centre, pin down, rack, mother, squeeze, choose, decoct, push, cause, set out, necessitate, convention, squash, grow, embrace, compress, claim, tailor, subscribe to, demand, weight-lift, skip, sign, carry, force, find, dilute, scale down, weightlift, lose weight, bring down, contain, twitch, read, bewilder, pore, wad, mystify, fee, press, submit, require, hire, contract bridge, get, disregard, charter, campaign, constrict, narrow down, get hold of, perplex, occupy, rationalise, specify, nail down, go, squelch, direct, constringe, adopt, beseech, get under one's skin, conjure, stuff, slue, melt off, centralise, pinch, admit, slim, shorten, stimulate, bargain, involve, assume, select, shove, cut down, make, bring, recoil, turn out, iron, bugger off, start, swerve, bring forth, exhort, urge on, mash, bowdlerise, repress, quash, peg down, signalize, induce, turn off, take, flinch, expurgate, take on, pack together, have, let, trim down, compact, cringe, ask, trend, specialise, proclamation, puzzle, slew, lead, extort, consider, thin out, get down, pressure, film, take aim, come down, wedge, gravel, bowdlerize, catch, entreat, edit, transaction, resolve, take in charge, sire, rationalize, curve, tweet, generate, gouge, snub, distill, sustain, cut off, suffer, learn, crusade, shrink, call for, beget, subdue, beat, sign on, use up, tackle, urge, ingest, start out, hale, fight, strike, obtain, make out, trim back, study, subscribe, digest, dumbfound, signal, develop, center, tighten, pose, bosom, remove, edit out, thrust, declaration, arrest, slenderize, quail, pay back, press out, guide, funk, convey, train, cut, fill, wring, weigh, announcement, baffle, cartel, abbreviate, flummox, begin, pay off, abridge, switch off, withdraw, signalise, sign up, take up, boil down, agitate, come, adjure, ratify, narrow, conduct, drive, stick, foreshorten, fetch, become, iron out, commence, consume, hack, subjugate, ignore, specialize, need, squinch, vex, capture, engender, nonplus, slim down, experience, pick out, focus, veer, take away, buzz off, centralize, produce, twinge, acquire.

Usage examples: