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Definition of contraction:

  1. The act of drawing together or shortening; the thing shortened or reduced.


anti-choice, contract, shrink, condensing, baby blues, reducing, condensate, constricting, compact, back formation, thin, increase, telescoping, catchword, lessening, antenatal, recession, derivation, confinement, compressing, colloquialism, diminution, bear, retract, constrict, abridgment, squeeze, consolidation, withdrawal, antonym, evaporation, squeezing, the afterbirth, arrive, concretion, consumption, muscle contraction, buzzword, compacting, collocate, capsule, lowering, syncope, omitting, expansion, condensation, amniocentesis, densification, wax and wane, narrowing, connective, cognate, amniotic fluid, compression, birth, baby shower, contracting, argot, omission, constriction, muscular contraction.

Usage examples: