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Definition of contrary:

  1. A thing of opposite qualities.
  2. Adverse; opposite; contradictory; repugnant; in an opposite direction.


reversal, contrasted, disobedient, attitude, impossible, contumacious, bad, opposite word, obstinate, ornery, impertinent, antipode, antonym, antonymous, contrarian, support, distant, perverted, different, antipodean, conversely, counter, untimely, turnaround, verso, blow, wayward, antipodes, argumentative, opposite, adverse, froward, to the contrary, inappropriate, truculent, unconnected, errant, opponent, combative, antipodal, polar, paradoxical, cussed, turnabout, foreign, diametrical, depraved, unpropitious, obstreperous, unfavorable, reverse, reverse gear, unrepentant, unfavourable, otherwise, contrarious, untoward, inauspicious, vice versa, antonymic, irrelevant, perverse, contrapositive, incompliant, reprobate, reversion, unregenerate, black eye, strange, volatile, antithesis, rebel, setback, opposition, remote, recusant.

Usage examples: