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Definition of contrive:

  1. To plan out; to frame or devise; to scheme.


manufacture, develop, drum up, roam, pass, inaugurate, cast off, vomit up, connive, have, wrangle, come together, hurl, put up, afford, trump up, cast, form, devise, Frankenstein's monster, couch, confound, mastermind, be sick, speculate, fuddle, spirt, finesse, range, forge, mull, retch, breakthrough, make, regorge, redact, muse, rove, put, manage, ruminate, see, flip, formulate, swing, creative, get by, think up, wander, externalize, spew, give, succeed, throw up, bring about, vomit, bedevil, picture, throw away, chew over, ramble, hatch, counterfeit, cook up, work, visualize, vagabond, fancy, manipulate, draw, set off, mould, shake off, word, achieve, catalyze, shift, wangle, bewilder, befuddle, drop, think, protrude, work out, be after, be able to do something, switch, stray, mull over, collude, shed, accomplish, excogitate, meditate, development, project, visualise, hurtle, creativity, hold, discovery, phrase, organise, mold, contemplate, purge, plan, dope out, intrigue, give voice, get up, articulate, finagle, create, fake, conspire, figure, fox, bemuse, barf, stick out, fabricate, roll, spurt, execute, ponder, honk, think over, engineer, throw off, machinate, maneuver, improvise, vamp, triumph, discombobulate, tramp, upchuck, chuck, trigger, compass, effect, drift, jut out, explicate, concoct, design, pull off, planned, envision, fashion, send off, frame, negotiate, prepare, coin, disgorge, invent, cat, make up, externalise, regurgitate, hammer, image, lay, carry out, start off, construct, swan, throw, thrust, confuse, spue, reflect, organize, sick, puke, attain, shape, cook, strategize, bring off, jut, dream up.

Usage examples: