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Definition of convulse:

  1. To shake by violent irregular action, as in excessive laughter; to affect by irregular spasms, as in agony from grief or pain.


quake, shudder, count against, fidgety, lick, sky, cut down, jerk, someone's stomach churns/lurches/tightens, thresh about, jolt, flail, toss away, stir, contortion, lather, someone's heart pounds/beats/thumps, lam, torment, dispose, inhibit, bring up against, amuse, vibrate, unsettle, shake up, contort, mosh, jiggle, hold back, jounce, plague, wobble, embarrass, bat, quiver, joggle, throw out, welt, repetition, throttle, trounce, the pit of your stomach, settle, flip, cast away, judder, fidget, calm, cream, flounder, fit, fling, lash, let down, cast out, torture, shake, gash, bother, rock, strap, rock, clobber, cast aside, slam dance, convulsion, writhe, toss, chuck, slash, toss out, put away, bucket, burden, pitch, discard, have/get/feel butterflies (in your stomach), thresh, stiffen, flutter, flog, inside, thrash about, disadvantage, drub, slam, jactitate, shake, throw away, chuck out, thrash.

Usage examples: