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Definition of cordial:

  1. Anything that revives the spirits; any medicine that increases the strength or raises the spirits; a liquor containing an extract of some vegetable substance and some spirit, and sweetened.
  2. Hearty; sincere; proceeding from the heart; invigorating.


palsy-walsy, buttermilk, collegial, sincere, warmhearted, fond, chummy, invigorating, good-humoured, warm, good-humored, loving, friendly, well-disposed, hail-fellow-well-met, mental, chartreuse, rejuvenating, club soda, cappuccino, accessible, buddy-buddy, chocolate, reviving, americano, vitalizing, polite, genial, stimulative, hearty, good-natured, refreshing, favorable, bracing, attitude, liqueur, comradely, kirsch, maraschino, amiable, matey, restorative, gin, stimulating, absinthe, palsy, good-tempered, good, chai, kindly, vital, brotherly, bitters, affable, mead, social, affectionate, cider, brew, fervent, hail-fellow, welcoming, bonhomous, angostura.

Usage examples: