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Definition of correct:

  1. Free from faults; right; conformable to truth; accurate.
  2. To amend; to make right; to punish.


limit, good, nice, class, sort out, so, on-target, revitalize, improve on, blame, classify, pay, decent, localize, slump, reward, refuse, pass up, excoriate, line up, shrug off, de rigueur, mend, precise, pose, remonstrate, surmount, make up, rectify, carry off, jell, well-mannered, ameliorate, position, go down, constitute, set up, ripe, oppose, decorous, cover, define, make better, typeset, level, handle, separate, get through, mitigate, reckon, castigate, plant, coiffure, congeal, prepare, even off, moral, respectable, perfect, ethical, stiff, crystallise, indemnify, conciliate, temper, right-minded, shed light on, turn down, flush, virtuous, compute, check, align, just, put, clear, decline, represent, bang on, place, invent, rebuke, emend, count, conform, subdue, chastise, crystalize, ready, slouch, even, localise, make, determine, worsen, exact, fabricate, coiffe, crystalise, civil, right, dead-on, add up, even up, reprimand, stilted, be, straighten out, criticize, aline, high-minded, go under, put down, chasten, praise, catch up with, lift, mark, reclaim, countervail, overcompensate, lay out, condition, prove, enlighten, even out, adapt, square up, project, calculate, right-hand, reconcile, reprobate, word-perfect, elucidate, pay off, patch up, courteous, fructify, reform, unerring, crystallize, dress, civilized, gentlemanly, sort, letter-perfect, discipline, gear up, purify, slide down, objurgate, reproach, wane, illuminate, clear up, befitting, sink, find fault with, assort, accurate, comprise, lay, chivalrous, estimate, coif, deride, specific, jog, sic, spot-on, fall off, train, optimization, cook up, manage, cleanse, boost, redress, cope, denigrate, condemn, straight, gallant, tame, regenerate, specify, irreproachable, decry, remediate, reliable, countersink, moderate, genteel, meliorate, assess, rig, manufacture, overcome, arrange, compensate, reject, work out, do, starchy.

Usage examples: