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Definition of corrective:

  1. Having power to correct.
  2. That which corrects.


turnaround, improvement, chastening, compromise, correct, makeover, boost, fix, clinical, way out, upswing, emendatory, penal, correcting, enhanced, furbished, improved, development, heuristics, antenatal, self-improvement, antimalarial, bettering, clear, process of elimination, on the up and up, step change, bionic, a change for the better/worse, nonindulgent, rectifying, bloodless, solution, second-generation, correctional, combination, disciplinary, disciplining, chastising, aseptic, disciplinal, broad-spectrum, new, for the better, amendatory, answer, dressed up, restorative, remedying, penalizing, castigating, reformatory, reformative, leap, compensatory, resolution, antibacterial.

Usage examples: