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Definition of couch:

  1. A place for rest or sleep; a bed; a sofa; in making malt, a layer or stratum of barley spread on the malt- floor.
  2. To lie down, as on a bed or place of repose; to lay down in a bed or stratum; to conceal or express in words obscurely; to include or comprise; to recline on the knees, as a beast; to crouch; to fix a spear in the posture for attack; to depress or remove the film that overspreads the pupil of the eye, called a cataract.


purge, chaise, sofa, position, consciousness, regurgitate, words, sofa bed, free association, hurl, roll, draw up, throw off, analyst, arrange, project, frame up, vagabond, sectional, tramp, contrive, furniture, disgorge, shed, rove, redact, cast, compose, retch, edit, throw away, squab, waiting area, ensnare, entrap, range, drift, chair, express, bed, studio couch, backrest, regorge, lounge, border, shake off, sick, order, commit, throw, vomit, armchair, vis-a-vis, lay, put, mould, ego, ramble, back, puke, drop, set up, swan, wander, chaise longue, pose, frame in, mold, arm, stray, word, place, throw up, spew, daybed, chaise lounge, spue, cast off, assign, barf, collective unconscious, draw, be sick, chuck, upchuck, vomit up, roam, set, waiting room, analyse, cat, analyze, formulate, analysis, armrest, aversion therapy, phrase, invest, frame, hurtle, honk.

Usage examples: