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Definition of countenance:

  1. The whole external appearance of the body; the features of the human face; look; favour; goodwill; support.
  2. To favour; to support; to encourage; to aid.


leave, abet, calmness, warrant, warrantee, uphold, self-composedness, precede, get, expression, accredit, admit, eye, secondment, provide, give something/someone the green light, appropriate, patsy, allow for, approve, sucker, promote, equilibrium, assist, have, encourage, serenity, face, feature, support, aplomb, gull, kisser, give up, chump, composure, placidity, stock-purchase warrant, collectedness, let, tranquillity, aid, smiler, physiognomy, study at face, second, soft touch, consent, glare, repose, authorisation, grimace, mug, lease, express, grant, embolden, look kindly on something, take into account, face, Phiz, self-possession, guarantee, pan, map, condone, mugful, tranquilness, imprimatur, authority, long face, sanction, puss, blurb, advocate, sangfroid, recognize, endorsement, permit, instigate, coolness, mark, visage, indorsement, imperturbability, surface, earmark, OK, set aside, reserve, cool, incite, stock warrant, fool, warranty, allow, muzzle, recommend, authorization, osculator, mask, tolerate, rent, expression, fall guy, composedness, frown.

Usage examples: