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Definition of courage:

  1. Bravery; fearlessness; valour; resolution; that quality of mind which enables men to encounter dangers and difficulties with firmness and without fear.


tenacity, Heart, audacity, heroism, fortitude, hardihood, rashness, intrepidity, dash, determination, strength of mind, guts, derring-do, resolution, chivalry, intestinal fortitude, confidence, resolution, nobility, gallantry, cowardice, temerity, rashness, bottle, fear, manhood, heroics, hardihood, spunkiness, gallantry, stoutheartedness, self-reliance, valiantness, venturesomeness, prowess, gameness, prowess, coolness, nerve, grit, adventuresomeness, gut, pluckiness, valiancy, bravado, grit, strength, will, Bravery, heart, greatheartedness, endurance, virtue, self-reliance, adventurousness, valour, dash, spirit, pecker, gutsiness, backbone, daringness, mettle, recklessness, stamina, doughtiness, undauntedness, enterprise, defiance, boldness, manliness, resoluteness, pluck, pugnacity, spirit, manliness, what it takes, firmness, dauntlessness, perseverance, audaciousness, daring.

Usage examples: