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Definition of course:

  1. The menses.


campaign, crease, black market, billet, strain, vogue, argument, anatomy, personal line of credit, movement, figure, line of products, business, operate, fertilise, shape, dustup, agate line, requirement, physical body, major, assembly line, stratum, melt, family, chassis, fertilize, eat, parentage, furrow, year, of course, descriptor, guide, variety, line of credit, feast, origin, head for the hills, data track, run-in, personal credit line, execute, pipeline, development, transmission line, manikin, seminar, specialty, gradation, consort, ancestry, caterpillar tread, words, streak, hunt down, by nature, fly the coop, short letter, occupation, degree, programme, demarcation, stock, minor, subject, phone line, feed, incline, way of life, descent, credit line, road, course of action, variant, trend, grade, sort, racetrack, flight, product line, melodic phrase, human body, elective, play, runway, track, field, scat, plan, career, railway line, stream, modus operandi, bloodline, contour, lean, endure, curriculum, work, bod, row, mannikin, trail, racecourse, mark, contrast, dividing line, caterpillar track, rowing, var., break away, class, tune, take to the woods, public life, crinkle, lam, frame, circulate, order, tack, cart track, cast, level, build, line of achievement, syllabus, round, die hard, function, pedigree, run, running, bunk, flux, drift, ground level, rail, line of reasoning, hightail it, fall, melody, seam, rails, tend, flow, socio-economic class, business line, give, race, tier, production line, material body, run for, pattern, feed in, division, suite, line of business, charge, ladder, escape, be given, scarper, flesh, attack, matriculation, communication channel, cable, telephone line, cartroad, style, subscriber line, hang, run away, prey, turn tail, signifier, rail line, manakin, range, stemma, raceway, mannequin, course of study, air, path, course of instruction, bleed, wrinkle, area, kind, cut, line of work, bank line, argumentation, track down, naturally, physique, carry, customarily, score, category, regularly, job, unravel, ply, note, quarrel, routinely, line, blood, means, phase, telephone circuit, configuration, conformation, social class, melt down, wrangle, draw, prevail, extend, line of descent, form, soma, line of merchandise, blood line, logical argument, lead, rush, persist, word form, hunt, melodic line, menstruate, grad, education.

Usage examples:

  • Of course I was glad- we all were.

    - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.
  • " Of course," they all cried.

    - "A Tale of the Summer Holidays", G. Mockler.
  • But, of course, you must know him.

    - "Under a Charm, Vol. II. (of III) A Novel", E. Werner.