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Definition of coward:

  1. Cowardly.
  2. One who wants courage to meet danger of any kind; a timid person; a poltroon; adj.


white-livered, poltroon, fraidy-cat, chickenshit, pussy, pusillanimous, coystril, Noel Coward, jellyfish, chicken, cringing, craven, base, deserter, pantywaist, wheyface, chickenhearted, pusillanimous, faintheart, rabbit, scaramouch, scaredy-cat, yellow-belly, bully, cur, milksop, mouse, dastard, nervous Nellie, lily-liver, dastard, pansy, wimp, dastardly, pessimist, caitiff, cowardly, lily-livered, panicmonger, quitter, weakling, sneak, recreant, blusterer, cowering, shirker, timid, poltroon, funky, milquetoast, milksop, yellow, chicken-heart, mollycoddle, sissy, nebbish, craven, faint, yellow-belly, recreant, fearful, malingerer, funk, fainthearted, unmanly, yellow-bellied, chicken, dastard, baby, punk, fear, Sir Noel Pierce Coward, alarmist, poor-spirited, timid, Sneak.

Usage examples: