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Definition of cowardice:

  1. Want of courage to face danger; undue fear or timidity.


bullying, shyness, cold feet, abject fear, want of courage, yellow streak, cowardliness, quailing, funk, weakness, faint-heartedness, bravado, baseness, poltroonery, desertion, nobility, gallantry, cravenness, shrinking, funk, dastardliness, chickenheartedness, diffidence, daring, lack of guts, bravery, heroics, sniveling, white feather, suspicion, fawning, apprehensiveness, dastardliness, heroism, nerve, yellow streak, pluck, unmanliness, cowering, baby act, dastardy, cravenness, abjectness, pusillanimity, gutlessness, timorousness, recreancy, groveling, gutlessness, courage.

Usage examples: