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Definition of crackpot:

Synonyms for crackpot:

fruity, methamphetamine hydrochloride, en, fatuous, bollock, featherheaded, unhinged, preposterous, crackbrained, wacky, bats, daft, mental, deoxyephedrine, gaga, bughouse, senseless, unwise, moonstruck, starter, dingbat, egg, freak, ridiculous, screwball, crazed, screwy, inept, testicle, demented, meshuga, chicken feed, cockeyed, fruitcake, orchis, unsound, cracked, crackers, tomfool, grump, crosspatch, childish, ludicrous, barmy, over-the-top, eccentric, psycho, harebrained, balmy, wise, meth, glass, scatty, maniacal, ball, deranged, sappy, cuckoo, cranky, loco, weirdie, weak-minded, grouch, insane, churl, nuts, chalk, daffy, nut, simpleminded, silly, bubbleheaded, junky, addict, certifiable, non compos mentis, methamphetamine, brainsick, unbalanced, ballock, lunkheaded, dippy, haywire, shabu, witless, zany, wacko, bedlam, trash, loony tunes, half-baked, testis, weirdo, bonkers, ice, nut case, jerky, laughable, wud, junkie, crank, batty, not in your right mind/not right in the head, nutcase, ding-a-ling.

Usage examples: