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Definition of creation:

  1. The act of creating the world; the world itself; the universe.


mental home, asylum, causality, matter, design, initiation, psychiatric hospital, real, assemblage, fundament, beingness, the Cross, public, rise, artwork, trigger, art, outer space, presentation, first appearance, upgrading, recreation, upgrade, base, ascent, part, human race, magnum opus, worldly concern, cause and effect, insane asylum, preferment, man, excogitation, founding, start-up, myth, understructure, installation, constitution, composition, elevation, universe of discourse, institution, knowledgeableness, human beings, domain, macrocosm, opus, reality, debut, innovation, canon, knowledgeability, contrivance, launching, population, mental institution, organization, the Creation, canon law, creationism, cardinal sin, back catalog, foundation garment, instauration, universe, conception, promotion, the Fall, fine art, canonical, humanity, induction, chef d'oeuvre, totality, determination, causation, concept, entry, groundwork, piece, figment, elicitation, cultivation, creative activity, wrinkle, background, fiction, space, the Crucifixion, intro, insertion, substructure, Eden, the universe, hyperspace, unveiling, commandment, intromission, foot, belief, foundation, work, populace, coinage, the cosmos, cosmos, grounding, humankind, preference, mankind, cosmea, origination, mental hospital, construct, earthly concern, world, being, existence, cornerstone, humans, basis, concoction.

Usage examples: