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Definition of creep:

  1. Creeping.


hook, public nuisance, cross, sneak, cabbage, dirtbag, patter, louse, drop back, funk, bugger, trail, schmuck, ghost, pill, cretin, weirdy, loudmouth, nobble, wraith, rat, front crawl, sweep over, surge, dog, varmint, furrow, glide, slime, toady, pilfer, quail, pad, cower, fawn, grovel, pulse, study at crawl, color, (the) scum of the earth, slide, kotow, chuff, crease, like, pussyfoot, ass, engulf, steal, churl, lurk, gleam, mouse, shrink, so-and-so, flinch, truckle, crumple, writhe, spectre, lift, cur, vermin, specter, prowl, fast, recoil, yob, beast, looney, cringe, slink, nutcase, weirdie, reptile, filch, know-all, stinkard, sleazeball, snarf, public enemy number one, bastard, sleazebag, scumbag, meander, spook, crawling, wince, bootlick, bounder, fink, slimeball, bleeder, suck up, squinch, horror, buzzard, rat fink, express, inch, skulk, slip, ease, heel, shade, slob, pinch, hound, run, clear, rotter, crawl, swipe, flash, clown, kowtow, boor, toad, worm, loony, abstract, crumb, skunk, blighter, slink, grip, crud, snake, crazy, slither, swine, fall behind, purloin, lout, sleaze, grow, joker, heighten, scum, falter, sod, worm along, huddle, cad, creeping, fear, drift, edge, stinker, scuzzball, gumshoe, grow over, come over, move, weirdo.

Usage examples: