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Definition of cringe:

  1. Servile civility.
  2. To fawn upon with servility; to flatter meanly.


take a hop, seek, shy, backfire, crawl, ricochet, ignominy, resile, spring, reduce, suck up, rebound, quail, squinch, bound, make a fool of yourself, slaver, discomfort, bounce, guilt trip, cotton, grovel, kowtow, prick, mortification, recoil, kick back, fawn, start, wither, blench, kick, contract, squint, sneak, funk, humiliation, embarrassment, shrink, hang your head, over, be ashamed of someone, shame, creep, reproach yourself, bootlick, shrivel, shrivel up, cower, shake, truckle, brownnose, be caught with your pants down, inhibition, shiver, wince, approach, feel bad (about something), toady, mouse, chagrin, apple-polish, backlash, reverberate, kotow, guilt, flinch, prickle, blush, quake, feel awful, huddle, pussyfoot.

Usage examples: