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Definition of crisis:

  1. The change in the symptoms of a disease that indicates recovery or death; the decisive point in any important affair.


battle, acme, opportunity, decisive moment, flash point, extremity, crossroad, trial, Dunkirk, decisive turn, embarrassment, conjuncture, kettle of fish, complication, trouble, hot water, exigency, quagmire, emergency, entanglement, head, tragedy, breaking point, hour, danger, boiling point, dehydration, mess, puzzle, juncture, epoch, adventure, climacteric, Head, pass, rub, stress, hallucination, pinch, clutch, perforation, dilemma, crunch, critical situation, disaster, climacteric, etiology, fix, necessity, aetiology, juncture, pass, contingency, threat, plight, tinderbox, zenith, hour of decision, pass, dilemma, critical juncture, decide, a disaster waiting to happen, trauma, quandary, extremity, nightmare, zero hour, change, moment, perplexity, crossroads, urgency, occasion, critical moment, chill, impasse, big trouble, corner, precipice, turning point, hell, deadlock, minefield, escapade, pinch, urgency, imbroglio, discharge, aetiology, turn, havoc, exigence, crunch time, politics, safety, stew, juncture, nick of time, ordeal, pickle, pathology, worst-case scenario, pressure, conjuncture, psychological, moment of truth.

Usage examples: